What does VCR stand for? VCR stands for Video Cassette Recorder. Video Cassette Records are capable VHS players and VHS recorders, as a opposed to a VHS player which simply plays VHS video cassette tapes. Most VCRs only play VHS tapes, which are sometimes erroneously called VCR tapes. A VCR tapes to VHS format, a blank VHS tape allows one to record audio and video with the VCR. Using a VCR/DVD Recorder combo unit would allow one to convert VHS to DVD, prolonging the life of the content and making it easier to play on a variety of other devices that lack the ability to play VHS tapes. VCRs are no longer manufactured.
Español: vcrs / Français: Magnétoscopes / 中文: 录像机 / Tagalog: vcr

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